DES Cipher

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DES Cipher Using Python

What is the DES Cipher?

It is one of the encryption techniques.
DES stands for Data Encryption Standard. There are certain machines that can be used to crack the DES algorithm. The DES algorithm uses a key of 56-bit size. Using this key, the DES takes a block of 64-bit plain text as input and generates a block of 64-bit cipher text. The DES process has several steps involved in it, where each step is called a round. Depending upon the size of the key being used, the number of rounds varies. For example, a 128-bit key requires 10 rounds, a 192-bit key requires 12 rounds, and so on…

Who it works?

It takes a key and a message and there are may modes in it. I used three modes only as shown in the code
For More Information About DES Cipher DES Cipher

What do you find in this script?

in this script you can :-
1- Encrypt a message
3- Decrypt an encrypted message

Python Code

Screenshots From Run

How to run this script?

  • Install python

    Download the latest version of python python

  • install termcolor

    pip install termcolor

Whole Code On GitHub


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